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We are 100% volunteer-driven

Our organization is made up of 100%  volunteers: those who are willing and able to donate their time, skills, and expertise to make it possible for us to make an impact and serve the community during times of need. We are always looking for individuals who align with our core values and code of conduct to help us with every aspect of our organization: admin, IT, marketing, finance, deployment, events, and more. If you’d like to volunteer within our organization, follow these steps!


Step One

Fill Out an Application

Step Two

Attend an Orientation

We require an orientation to complete your application, these are usually done within 90 days of applying.

Step Three

Get Assigned to Your Volunteer Team

Our Past Volunteers

Began volunteering with this organization in 2016. I seen a need for help on Facebook and jumped in to help virtually 500 miles away. I amazed at the heart of the local volunteers and those far away at the work they put in helping their neighbors. The organization has grew into something amazing, helping people across the southeast US.

Cajun Navy Relief is an extremely professional rescue organization. All volunteers work countless hours to help those in need. I love working with this group of people.

Such a great organization. I came into it a few years ago in the background. when I came to actively help this year they welcomed me and started training me right away. When you call someone and tell them help is on the way it really touches your heart and lets you know that you are making a difference in people’s life.

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